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Paarden vereniging, Ruitervereniging & stamboek Zangersheide
Land: Nederland 
Geplaatst op:12-3-2013
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Studfarm Zangersheide is located at the similarly named domain in Lanaken (Belgium). That is where we first began with our showjumping stables at the beginning of the seventies, which later developed into a studfarm. A few decades later, in 1992, we started Studbook Zangersheide, our own showjumping studbook for showjumping horses! We are the result of the initiatives of Léon Melchior, who turned the breeding of showjumping horses into his equestrian magnus opus. Under his supervision the studfarm grew into a center of knowledge and practical know-how and became a trendsetter in modern showjumping horse breeding. With the passion of a scientist, the precision of an artist and the enthusiasm of an enterpreneur, we, managed by our 'captain of horse industry', plotted the route along which Z showjumping horses reached the top.

One of the great treasures developed at Zangersheide is the knowledge derived from practical experience, in such a measure as to create a resolute and effective operation. Rapidly and purposefully we focussed powerfully on showjumping horses. But we realised that in a world where changes follow each other in quick succession, emerging unexpectedly and always from a different direction, we would never make it with just knowledge derived from practical experience alone. Because we wanted to book progress in the showjumping horse breeding world, we recruted the best scientists in horse genetics and with their aid developed highly advanced reproduction techniques. Our total concept is based on research and pioneering, on sport marketing and programmed breeding. Our philosophy is the purposeful breeding for the sport. Techniques such as AI, X-ray examination, embryo transplantation, endoscopic insemination were cultivated into what now has become daily practice.